Talking About Death, Disability and Dependents

Are you and your family fully protected financially if death or long-term illness should strike? I ask, because you may have put this question aside. After all, it's never pleasant to think something terrible might happen.

But take a moment now and consider it.

Could you and your family manage if a salary you count on today were to disappear?

Family security

We never know what the future has in store for us. That's why this is such an important question. It reveals why life insurance and disability insurance need to be part of our lives.

I'm sure you agree, but have you really taken the time to learn exactly what your insurance needs are?

Or is this a rather complex and technical topic you'd rather not bother with?

Perhaps your spouse has promised to take care of it. But you should also know what the plan is if you or your spouse should suddenly die or become disabled.

Protecting our incomes means we’ll have that precious peace of mind that comes with knowing there will be money for the future if tragedy should strike. The mortgage will get paid and there will be funds for college and retirement. So much of what we take for granted, will still be there to help us, if things turn out in a way we never expected.

That’s why I started Lifewizewomen. It’s a site designed to explain and inspire. There is information here about life insurance, disability insurance, and more, that you cannot find elsewhere, and it’s provided in a way that’s easy to understand.

For those ready to start planning, here's an easy way to get expert help.

This is also a place where women can share and support each other in taking the initiative to build a financial safety net before death or disability strikes.

This is my deepest hope: that this site helps as many families as possible avoid becoming destitute after a terrible tragedy.

So, please explore the information topics listed on the left. Let me know what you think and what more you'd like me to add.

I salute your initiative in taking steps to protect your family. Thanks for visiting Lifewizewomen. 

To you and your family’s safe and bright future!

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